Synergy Rewards Network
Synergy CardCard

Synergy World is developing a network of hundreds of participating businesses. Enjoy the convenience of using ONE Synergy Card, and receiving rewards at all participating businesses.

Each business decides the reward to offer cardholders. Some business offer a points for rewards program, and other businesses offer an increasing discount. Please check the rewards for each merchant.


Points for Rewards:
Cardholders Earn 1 Point for every $1.00 they spend. When they reach certain point thresholds, a reward is automatically loaded on the Rewards account.

Example: 100 Points = $10.00 Reward

Increasing Discount:
Cardholders receive an instant discount on their first visit. Their discount increases with each additional visit.

Visit 1 – 10%
Visit 2 – 15%

Visit 3 – 20%